Anniemon Battle 3 Progress Playthrough

The 1st Ever Playthrough!

As you can tell, it's not the WHOLE game yet, but it IS as far as R&N Games has gotten in its production.  Oh, by the way, I'm Kuma Juan Nazhi, Freddie Benson's arch rival.  I do a show called iKuma, which you can get to from his website.  And since I'm HIS rival, I'm R&N's rival, although, I haven't made a single video game in my life.  I mean, I know how; I just haven't yet.  Seriously, though, I have a company called iKuma Entertainment; their the ones who help me with things like financial aid for my webshow.  

Anyway, I'm sure you're wondering how I got this from my arch rivals.  Well, I did it by sneaking into their lab, since I know the passcode to their security system, and downloading Unfreez.exe, an animated gif composer, onto their computer.  I then took all of the most important screenshots of the game, and had Unfreez do the animating.  After that, I saved the gif to a USB disc, so I could upload it from my computer.  After that, I deleted Unfreez from their computer, along with the gif images I had captured to compose the movie.  Finally, I, with my USB disc in hand, left the lab, while even remembering to re-arm their alarm system and shut down their computer, to make my break-in completely un-noticeable.  When I got home, the first thing I did was go up to my computer and post this video here.  I finished at exactly 11:45:59 PM!